Walter Murch Timely Advice


Observations on film art


David Bordwells goldmine of links on the open secrets of classical storytelling. (Link)

This website is immense. So much gold 😉

Periodic Table of Storytelling

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The Periodic Table of Storytelling by James Harris

See how the elements of a story are combined to create true story chemistry.

(see link above)

Cinematic Style of Emmanuel Lubezki

Telling Stories Within The Frame

An analyses of ways to ues ensemble staging to avoid too much coverage and focus on genuinne performance and mise en scene.

Ensemble Staging (link)

Simple Advice to Screenwriters

Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth Cannes Q&A

SICARIO Cannes Q&A 2015

The Cannes Film festival Q&A following the screening of SICARIO Directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin. Cinematography by Roger Deakins.

The Colour Control Department of Technicolor



Also if you havent seen “All that heaven allows”

Link via George Eastman House

The Dead Poets Society Deconstructed

At the recent Austin Film Festival, Tom Schulman, writer of Dead Poet’s Society talks us through the development of the script all the way to the on set process with Director Peter Weir.

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