On The Society of the Spectucular : The Film Industry

iñarrituAlejandro González Iñárritu shares his thoughts on the state of the film industry.

Link to Indiewire


Michel Chion Audio Visions

A link to the book Audio Visions by Michel Shion (via monoskop)


The Design Evolution of Ridley Scott’s Alien

Richard Linklater – WTF Podcast


WTF Podcast Episode 565 – Richard Linklater

Another great ranting and raving session with Marc Maron featuring Richard Linklater. The director famous for films such as Dazed and Confused. Slackers, Waking Life, the Before Sunset series, and his recent film Boyhood.

Paul Thomas Anderson – WTF Podcast


WTF Podcast Episode 565 – Paul Thomas Anderson

Marc Maron has a regular podcast online that he broadcasts out of his garage. He usually rants about whatever the f@#k he wants with a famous guest each episode. This one features Paul Thomas Anderson dissecting his films in a fairly relaxed free flowing conversation.  Next episode he’s promised Linklater.

Birdman : a Seamless Continous Take

The takes are around ten minutes long, however with some masterful editing it seems like a feature film shot with one continuous take.

Lit with mostly practical and existing light sources according the the cinematograper (Emmanuel Lubezki )

“we had to time all of the lighting changes, making sure you don’t see shadows. We were moving lights; we were moving diffusions. There were grips moving with me. Every time you see a shot, there were eight people moving with me. It was like a ballet — that’s what made it truly exciting.”

The Wisdom of Akira Kurasawa


There is no doubt that Akira Kurasawa was an incredible filmaker. Flavourwire has collected a series of his quotes.  Soak up some of his wisdom.

(Link – 25 incredible quotes)

Samurai Films are Responsible for Star Wars

Cinematographers Rountable 2014

cinematographerrt_group_0165_a_lRoger Deakins (Unbroken), Dion Beebe (Into the Woods), Jeff Cronenweth (Gone Girl),  Benoit Delhomme (The Theory of Everything), Matthew Libatique (Noah) and Dick Pope (Mr. Turner) discuss the art of moviemaking (via the Hollywood Reporter).

PULP FICTION: Making of a Modern Classic


For fans of Tarantino and Pulp Fiction. This is a fantastic article from Vanity Fair, well worth a read. Written in 2013 it gives us a complete retrospective on how the film was written, filmed and sold to the masses,  circa early 1990″s.

(Link to VANITY FAIR article)

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