Observations on film art


David Bordwells goldmine of links on the open secrets of classical storytelling. (Link)

This website is immense. So much gold 😉


Periodic Table of Storytelling

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.37.53 pm

The Periodic Table of Storytelling by James Harris

See how the elements of a story are combined to create true story chemistry.

(see link above)

Simple Advice to Screenwriters

Paul Thomas Anderson – WTF Podcast


WTF Podcast Episode 565 – Paul Thomas Anderson

Marc Maron has a regular podcast online that he broadcasts out of his garage. He usually rants about whatever the f@#k he wants with a famous guest each episode. This one features Paul Thomas Anderson dissecting his films in a fairly relaxed free flowing conversation.  Next episode he’s promised Linklater.

Saying things without words: Mad Max

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