Observations on film art


David Bordwells goldmine of links on the open secrets of classical storytelling. (Link)

This website is immense. So much gold đŸ˜‰


Michel Chion : Sound Advice


It seems I have quite a few followers of this blog whose native language is French. So in the spirit of sharing. The following was sent to me by a colleague. Quoting my French friend below;

“Hi guys, Michel Chion uploaded some of his books (those which are not available anymore) on his website for free : http://www.michelchion.com/

These books are gold for people who are interested in sound, and by the relationship between image and sound.

I think “Le guide des objets sonores” is as well available in English, if you don’t read french.
“Le promeneur Ă©coutant” is a fantastic book. But I am not sure it is available in English”.


Masters of Sound


A 45-minute conversation with Hans Zimmer (“12 Years a Slave,” “Rush”), Christophe Beck (“Frozen”), Henry Jackman (“Captain Phillips”), Thomas Newman (“Saving Mr. Banks”), Steven Price (“Gravity”) and Alan Silvestri (“The Croods”).

Roundtable of sound Link (Click here)

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